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Before choosing us, we would appreciate if you will discover our charter and who we are


TERRA NOVA is an eco-project that was launched from a foundation created by a French Guy Mazzoni.

This resort is no ordinary resort. 
It was designed on 2 principles: The serenity and freedom of the guest on the one hand, respect for the environment and the prosperity of the community on the other.

Guy Mazzoni has always ensured that these two principles are respected even before the notion of profitability inherent in any resort of this type. Terra Nova is no longer a foundation since 2014 but its actions and its spirit remain totally oriented towards altruism and charity. It is written in the internal regulations of the corporation that a part of the profit is donated through various channels to the community, education, medical and the environment at the end of each year even before the distribution of dividends and before taxes.

We will certainly not be able to achieve a perfect level of luxury and services. No doubt there are many resorts around the world that offer exceptional services and accommodations above ours. 
Our ambition is not to impress you but to arouse real emotions in you and by reading the comments of all our guests (who have become friends) since 2016 you will understand the meaning we give to the word LUXE.

We will do everything to offer you quality service and a reserve of memories and emotions during your stay. 
It’s more than an obligation, it’s a pleasure.

This resort meets all safety and legal standards required by national and local regulations. Our facilities are covered by insurance as well as our boats. Our villas meet your essential needs, we provide all amenities, hot water, Wi-Fi, 24-hour assistance, laundry, your meals at the time and place of your choice, we assist you with the needs of seniors within your group or babysitting if you are traveling with a baby or very young children.

Our boats are private; they are not intended for commercial rental either by you, or by visitors or guests outside Terra Nova. These boats are included in our services, they meet the safety standards required by MARINA, the captain and the crew are at your disposal, you can organize the timing of your excursion by suggesting your preferences, date of departure, return, or go as far as weather conditions permit and respecting maritime and environmental rules.

Each guest will have to pay an eco-tax of 200 pesos required by El Nido authorities which contributes to the protection of the environment, as well as an entrance fee of 200 pesos for the visit of the lagoons knowing that it is authorized to visit only one lagoon per day. These amounts are per person and are paid to the municipality of El Nido in full against a receipt.

In order to avoid, even unintentionally, damaging marine life and corals in BACUIT BAY and MALAMPAYA PROTECTED AREA, picnics/lunches must be taken on board. The boat parks only in places designated by the authorities to avoid damaging the corals, and the visit of the lagoons can only be done by kayaks.

It is also forbidden to throw food at the fish or to fish in the protected areas. Do not take plastic bottles with you and do not leave waste of any kind behind. Our trained boat crew will inform you of the rules to be followed.

The water you use is precious, our water resources are limited and uncertain, this is due to climate change and increasingly long and extreme droughts, but also due to the fact that by our location we use dug wells in the water table and which therefore quickly deplete during the period from December to July. This water is not drinkable (we offer mineral water in each room or on the boat) but it does not contain elements recognized as dangerous and harmful.

Our kitchen respects hygiene conditions at all times, we ensure that staffs prepare food using distilled water to wash fresh food in salads or prepare ice cubes for frozen drinks.

We have a mini organic farm behind the offices in the western part, we strive to grow vegetables and fruits there, which are used according to the season by our restaurant or offered to the community.

Terra Nova is in principle smoking free but we tolerate that guests smoke in the appropriate places on the terrace or in the restaurant, avoiding throwing cigarette butts on the ground, even the beach and the gardens must remain “plastic-free” and clean for your personal satisfaction.

In any case, we would be very grateful if you could limit and monitor your water consumption, especially during showers.

Similarly, electricity is very very expensive for the reasons you imagine, please make sure to turn off the lights during your sleep or your absence as well as the fans. Air conditioners are used in extreme cases, and given the ceiling space of the villas there is a great loss of fresh air, if for some exceptional reason you ask to use the air conditioner we will have to charge an extra 1000 pesos per villa per day, but sincerely a good fan effectively protects you from the heat, especially since some nights are cool and ventilated.

Not included in our service package:
Alcoholic or soft drinks (a bottle of wine at 950 pesos.
Massage therapy (900 pesos)
All snack orders between meals or menus require an order and reservation in advance and random (lobster for example).

Transfers from or to Puerto Princesa. (We can organize your private van from Puerto airport to Terra Nova but you will have to pay the driver about 140 USD one way).

There are practically no last minute reservations on Terra Nova, nor specific times for check in or check out unless another guest arrives or leaves the same day but as a general rule we are very flexible on this.

All our clients are connected to us weeks or months before their arrival. This allows us to prepare your stay well, to know your habits, your preferences for food, for activities, if you are vegetarian, suffer from any allergy.

By whatsapp, FB messenger … we can follow the preparations for your trip with you and even advise you on your trip before or after your stay with us. We want you to arrive serene and leave Terra Nova enchanted and relaxed.

We also pay great attention to the motivations of your stay with us, if you are looking for total calm, for relaxation or even work, if you wish to celebrate a birthday, or any particular event for which we could organize a special moment, no additional billing for the service unless you wish to order special menus with special products or drinks.

You can show your satisfaction for the services rendered and give a tip for the staff, but we urge you not to give disproportionate sums of money to certain staff only or in an unequal way to avoid jealousies, frustrations or conflicting resentment. Contact the manager to find out how and to whom to tip because don’t forget that some staff work hard to serve you and remain in the shadows without you knowing that they are there also contributing to the success of your stay.

We also motivate donors whatever the nature of the donations, in accordance with the initial spirit of the project, we have since 2010 contributed modestly to the prosperity of our community:

Organizing of medical missions, school support, sponsorship, and individual support for staff and their families.

You can see that our packages include practically all the services, these “exceptional” services to visitors are offered to you at prices well below the standards practiced….

Donations in cash or in kind cannot be accepted by anyone in the resort unless they are hand-delivered to the beneficiary establishments or services, cash donations must be made with the approval of the town hall and then delivered directly. In all cases, a document will be issued to certify your donation and its nature.


Dear Guest, we hope to very soon welcome you to TERRA NOVA and start a new story with you.



We are not receiving directly donations in the form of cash or materials, these are welcome if they are either given personally by the donors to the beneficiaries or if we are officially asked to give them.

Following the pandemic and the recent economic crisis TERRA NOVA RESORT and the entire group have been open to investors who wish at different levels to enter the capital of the project and the corporation, to acquire all or part of it, with the possibility of leasing.

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You can either donate, come and stay as a private guest or start a volunteer program at Terra Nova - El Nido. Whichever way you decide to get involved will benefit the people of El Nido and Palawan.